The Porcelain Garden Inc.

We handcraft Lithophanes, the lost 19th Century art of etched porcelain transparencies that come alive with stunning images when lit from behind.

The Porcelain Garden specializes in a lost antique art form known as Lithophanes. Derived from a 19th Century technique, lithophanes are thin, translucent panels of porcelain with an intricately carved suface. When lit from behind, the variations in thickness cause the subtlest nuances in shading to appear, creating a brilliantly detailed image with a photographic level of detail and resolution. We still hand-make each and every lithophane using many of the same techniques pioneered by the ceramic masters of the 1800's, and refined further by our artisans over the last 3 decades.

Premium natural materials that resonate life, not toxins.

Crafted to last. Less waste, more meaning.

Eco-friendly and Fair trade production for a sustainable future.