About us

Growing Instincts is a family business with a passion for helping others on their parenting journey.

At Growing Instincts we believe that imaginative, open-ended play with simple toys, crafted from beautiful, natural materials offers children warmth and a sense of well-being when discovering their world.

Hello, I am Jitender Bagga, founder of Growing Instincts.  Growing Instincts is a family-owned and operated small, independent, Veteran-owned business, operating on the beautiful British Columbia Canada. 

After struggling to find high quality products with no chemicals for myself and especially for my son, I knew the need for a business that would be ecologically conscious as well as good for the body, mind and spirit.  After struggling with Post partum with my son four years ago, I learned the importance of natural wooden toys with the help of our local Waldorf School.  With the help and guidance from my son’s preschool teacher at waldorf, we were able to avoid media, plastics, chemical or synthetics in our lives.  We learned to live simply. 
I was inspired by the instinct our family had to grow together, hence the business name “Growing Instincts”.  My husband attended Waldorf School as he was growing and my son is able to play with his daddy’s toys today 35+ years later.  My aspiration is to provide unique natural toys and products for children and families that we safe, healthy, and open ended to encourage imaginative play.  I aspire to offer toys with no batteries, or plastics, that will be disposed off to landfill soon after.

We offer wooden toys that are to be used not just by you but also by the generations to come.  The toys that we offer are wooden and are made in Europe or North America. 

I have decided to start Growing Instincts as an inspiration for families to grow together and stay together. 
Thanks for stopping by and we are honored you have chosen our shop to be a part of your family!

We warmly welcome you to the Growing Instincts family!

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Growing Instincts.