Magic of Storytelling

Magic of Storytelling

Feb 5, '21

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a child who loved to listen to stories all day long!  We have all been that child, just like the kids today who enjoy a good story, while their mind runs wild with imagination.  Storytelling is a cornerstone of young child’s development.  Stories are soul nourishment for a young child. They connect us to others, help us learn about ourselves, and provide a compass to guide us through life. Sharing stories with the children in our lives forms close bonds and creates memories to last a lifetime. Listening to stories for a young child can be relaxing; we use story time as part of our bedtime routine. The storytelling can be a tradition; I remember I would sit in my grandmother’s lap and ask her to tell stories all day long if possible.  I loved listening to all her struggles in life, she was born when British were still ruling India, so her stories were fascinating to me.  It helped me understand why women are treated the way they are in today’s world through her stories when I was younger.

Storytelling can be healing, I think that’s the reason, people join support groups because they can share the trauma, hardship they are going through or went through. During the support group session one can tell their story.  It also helps a child expressing their emotions, sometimes they have a hard time expressing otherwise. 

Storytelling also helps a child learn, it boosts their confidence.  It teaches them to imagine being in the character’s shoes offer a different perspective of life, teaches empathy.  It definitely expands a child’s vocabulary and vocal skills.

So tell a story today, and tell one every day. Tell more than one story if you find one in your daily life and be sure to listen to someone’s story, too.

Here are some story book Growing Instincts offer for you to empower the imagination, confidence and relaxation in your child.

Pip The Gnome - Boardbook-

Little Fairy Can't Sleep - Daniela Drescher-

Emily and Daisy - Elsa Beskow-

Pelle's New Suit - Elsa Beskow (English)-

Peter in Blueberry Land -

Any Room for Me - Loek Koopmans-

The Pancake that Ran Away-

Grimm's Fairy Tales (English)-

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