Wooden BLOCKS the “ultimate” toy

Wooden BLOCKS the “ultimate” toy

Feb 5, '21

I have been a mom for five years and not one year goes by where my son doesn’t want to play with the blocks.  As he has progressed in age, the way he plays with the blocks has changed but the possibilities are just endless.

Blocks are possibly considered the most fundamental toy; it doesn’t mean it is boring. Playing with blocks can be entertaining for anyone, no matter the age, sometimes, my son and I build castles or they are just wall for a room for the babies to go to sleep in.  Blocks are an amazing learning tool, when the child is young, they learn to stack the blocks, they are honing their motor skills, they are honing dexterity and learning problem solving skills as well.  This is a type of toy that everyone has owned as a child.  It is basically a toy chest essential for every playroom.

 Why Wooden Blocks?

 Well, one of the obvious and simple answer is, toys made of wood never go out of style, my son still plays with the toys that my mother in law purchased or made for my husband.  They last generations, imagine the love and energy a toy would offer to a child that his dad or made the grand-dad played with. 

Wooden toys are not only great for your child but also for the environment too.  They last generations (Less waste in the landfills), and are biodegradable as well. Not only are the wooden blocks or toys in general are great and long lasting, they are a great learning tools as well. 

 When children are playing with toys, they aren’t just keeping busy; they’re doing some serious learning, too.  Many early childhood philosophies focus and encourage, unstructured, open ended, simple playthings, Waldorf; Emilia- Reggio Montessori etc. all value and favor this type of options for toys over plastics.  The open ended blocks also offer endless possibilities for imaginations, the blocks could be play food, it can be a house or a barn or anything a child can dream of.

Benefits of playing with the building blocks include:

  1. Dexterity – In the younger years the child learns to lay the block on top of another block and learns to not let it tumble.
  2. Coaches’ kids’ basic math and engineering skills, kids learn to match, sort, add, subtract, and problem solving. They learn sensory processing through the blocks as they hold the block and feel and learn about the shape, texture, weight etc and learn to place it in a structure and not let it fall.
  3. Spatial awareness
  4. Tactile learning
  5. Enhances logical thinking capability – it provides mental stimulation and teaches kids cause and effect. For example, if she places the block too close to the edge the tower topples over.

Here are some of the blocks I recommend:

AMS Blocks- Ideal toys for toddlers, this set appeals not only to their sense of imagination and creativity but also tactilely.

Natural Wood Stacking Toy -This stacking block is made with a variety of woods offering different textures, weights, and smells. These are great for younger children.

Classic Tree Blocks - locks are one of the best long-term "smart-play" investments you can make. Offer Creative, active, educational and fun, an open-ended, child-centric toy.


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