Landscape - Volcano With Lava By Papoose



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Felt Volcano With Lava Set includes one Volcano lava and measures approx 22 cm height. The lava streams of this volcano are loose pieces and can be placed wherever you want, adding a lovely interactive element. The cooled bit of the stream matches the colour of the volcanic rock felt mat.

Founded in 1991 by Australian Renske Carbone, Papoose Toys and Creative Wood Company under the umbrella of Colours of Australia produce natural toys and loose parts for open-ended creative play.

Working with natural materials, production takes place in small communities in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Pure wool felt toys and loose parts are made by hand at fairly traded rates of pay. The Creative Wood Company products are made primarily using waste from the furniture industry with wood supplied exclusively from wood traders meeting the SVLK Timber Legality Verification.

Thank you for supporting this community-oriented natural-play business.