Handmade Wooden Flip Tops


SKU: GI-PA38 Baby Baazar

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These tiny little tops provides hours of fun and entertainment.
The flip top is a naughty little toy that flips over to spin on its stem!
Who's on top? Two children will enjoy spinning two tops and seeing whose spins the longest!
After giving the spindle a flick of the wrist, this special top flips over and turns upside down midway through spinning.
Great for birthday party gift bags or just plain fun.

Flip tops take a bit of practice and space to spin.

Recommended Age: 4+

Made in India

Maya Organic is a Fair Trade Company, that works with the artisan community in Channapatna – a small town near the city of Bangalore in India to revive The Channapatna Toy industry.
Maya Organic supports the artisans with product development, induction of women into the cluster and infusing fresh skills and designs to make vibrant new age Channapatna toys, without losing any of their nostalgia evoking, old world charm.