Halloween Playsilks


Sarah's Silks

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Dive into a world of colourful playsilks. Our 2021 Halloween Playsilks are the perfect eco-friendly addition to your family's Halloween traditions and to your child's collection of open-ended toys! Children love particularly Sarah's Silks playsilks; the soft, flowing silk and the simplicity of this toy are the perfect basis to incorporate them into their imaginative play. Build a fort, create landscapes, tie a baby doll sling, make a cape or a princess veil, be a fairy or a princess, a knight or a flying hero, there are no limits set with Sarah's Silks playsilks.


  • Flowing silks swirl around while dancing

  • Versatile, make a cape, a veil, a doll sling with just one knot

  • Great accessory for little magicians

  • Can be hanged as a curtain for a puppet show

  • Children can make a pouch for their favourite belongings

  • Decorate your Nature Table with colourful silks

  • Can be used as landscapes to create water, land, forests or deserts

  • Wrap a birthday present

  • Makes a wonderful gift


Playsilks measure 35x35 inch squares.

Hand hemmed.


100% silk. Playsilks are dyed with non-toxic dyes.


Recommended for children 3 years plus.