Handmade Natural Tree Blocks - 21 pcs by Tree Blocks


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Wooden Tree Branch Blocks, cut from natural tree branches, are classic Waldorf toys that will encourage hours of open-ended and imaginative play. The organic shapes and texture of the natural bark sides are nourishing to a child's sense of touch.

This set of 21 natural wooden blocks offer children open-ended and imaginative ways to create and build.

Your child will not only have fun creating fairy homes, hideaways for gnomes, and building towers, but will also be building early math and metric skills!

Since the blocks are cut from nature, every set is unique, but each set includes cylinders, planks, two flat wall pieces with a window and a door, and at least one "Y" piece. Includes aattractive sturdy canvas bag for storage.

100% natural and non-toxic. Bark may come loose and pose choking hazard for children under three.

Color of storage bag may vary. Fairy Dolls sold separately.

Order two sets to double the building possibilities!

  SIZE : 21-Piece Set of various sized pieces. The largest circle piece measures 3.5" in diameter and the tallest pillar is 4"H. ORIGIN : Handmade in United States