Toy Maker of Lunenburg



  1. Children are inherently curious and creative
  2. Simple toys tend to be the most stimulating for developing creative thinking skills since children are using their own imagination instead of someone else’s
  3. Keeping manufacturing jobs in Canada is the key to economic sustainability in Canada
  4. Being involved with our children will help them build strong relationships
  5. Toys should be engaging, fun-to-play-with and educational – not simply something to occupy a child with
  6. Children should be allowed to discover and create – even if it means a bigger mess to clean up


  1. Natural, eco-friendly, wooden toys over plastic, disposable toys for creative play
  2. The environmental and economic welfare of Canada
  3. The sustainability of Canadian resources
  4. The quality, durability and safety of North American products
  5. Truly educational toys – not pseudo education through memorization
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Premium natural materials that resonate life, not toxins.

Crafted to last. Less waste, more meaning.

Eco-friendly and Fair trade production for a sustainable future.