Why wooden hula hoops perfect for you?

Why wooden hula hoops perfect for you?

Sep 2, '21

The wooden hula hoop, are plastic free alternative to the 1950's favorite. Made of Beach wood, this vintage inspired hula hoop will have the whole family twirling and whirling in style. 

Designed in Netherlands and are ethically handmade, these beauties are sure to impress any hula Hooper and they make a beautiful decor piece when not in use.

Hula hoops do encourage gross motor development, but more importantly, they are just really fun! We bet you won’t stop smiling while swinging those hips! 

Wooden Hula hoops are environmentally more sustainable; require zero maintenance, with no warping overtime. They are better for toning, exercising, offer better grip (even w/ clothes on).

Growing Instincts offer some amazing hoops for you to hula with all your family.  Check them out at the link below.


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