Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting

Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting

May 17, '21

What is wet on wet painting?

It is a very simplest way to introduce arts and painting to a young child.  Just lay wet watercolor paint on wet paper, let the colors flow and blend into each other in beautiful, unexpected ways.

It is one of the most wonderful and fun way to introduce a young child to the world of colors.  With the wet paper to paint on, colors flow and change, making it hard to create a specific form, which allows for the child to focus on the process and experience colors instead of focusing on creating a picture.. The watercolors don’t limit the child to preciseness in form, shape or outline, so many children feel freer to create and experiment.

Initially Waldorf teachers would introduce water color painting with primary colors only RED, BLUE and YELLOW.  Usually Waldorf teachers would introduce the painting with only one color at a time, and then eventually when they introduce the two colors, the magic of mixing two colors together to make a new color is exciting beyond imagination. 

To get started with the painting for your child at home, you’ll need a few supplies.  You can find these at our store, we hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy it with my son.

What You’ll Need

Jars to hold the paint
Painting Boards
Paint Brushes
Water Jars
Sponge or Cloth
Painting Smock or Apron

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