Wool Hand Puppets - Set of 3 - Elephant, Dog, Dragon


Cate and Levy

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Whether it's a one of a kind gift or an engaging toy for your kids, hand puppets make a perfect choice. At Cate & Levi, our artisans use reclaimed wool to craft this very attractive handcrafted hand puppet. Our sock puppets are safe for children to play with.

No two Cate & Levi Premium Reclaimed Wool Puppets will ever be the same. Each one is made from reclaimed wool whose colors and textures are individually selected. Not only is this process environmentally responsible, but it ensures each animal is truly a one of a kind creation never to be duplicated.

So, let us surprise you with one that is completely unique.

This endearing hand puppet will become a fast favorite for your child. Together they can play, learn, tell stories and have fun. With a hand puppet, kids can stage fascinating puppet shows.

Taking part in theatrical games with hand puppets, kids train their fine motor skills and imagination without even knowing it.

Made in Canada