Challenge and Fun, Inc. Wooden Shortsword


Challenge and Fun Inc

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Young knights, prepare for the adventures! And every adventure brings more fun if you have your own Weapon. Sword, And don’t forget to protect yourself with a Wooden Shield Toy. Defeat the monsters and we will take care of your equipment!

Imagination is an essential component of childhood. It is so easy to imagine that a few blankets are a fort and there are some real monsters under the bed. Our role as parents is to support our kids in this period, as this simple play is crucial for a child’s development, giving them creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Whether when playing, at a carnival, or a birthday-themed party: with a sword and the matching shield, kids will, in no time, turn into brave knights. Give the gift of a real childhood dream with our arsenal of toys.

Now you can combine a set with a weapon of your choice and a shield!

• The toy is safe. We use smooth wooden materials to give you assurance. But of course, we ask you to be attentive while your child is playing

Size: 19"

Finished with oil

Made in Germany