The Bee Book


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This little gem of a book describes in story-like ways, the complete life of a bee and the life in a hive. Chock full of scientific information, a child in the fourth or fifth grade would never know it was an accurate science book because delight and wonder are the results of reading about these marvelous little animals, bees! This would make a very satisfying reader for the third through the sixth grade with something for everyone in understanding the life cycle of bees and the many gifts they give to the world, spun from sunlight and nectar and hard work!
In the Swiss Alps, little Koen helps his grandfather take care of the bees. He sees how they go into hibernation, how they collect honey and pollen and what happens when they go into a swarm.

Language: English (Also available in German and Dutch).

Jakob Streit was born in the little Swiss town of Spiez on Lake Thun. His childhood years were closely tied to plants and animals that he played among on the mountain slopes. Later, following the unexpected death of his father, Streit decided to become a teacher. During his first job as a teacher in a village school he started to write stories and puppet shows for different classes in the school.