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Brand: Goki

A classic stack-and remove tower game - reimagined in bite-sized proportions! Take turns removing blocks from the existing structure using only one hand, and then carefully reposition it on the top. Keep going until the tower comes tumbling down!

An exhilarating game of skill of creativity, forethought, and dexterity. What structure will give the best sustainability? Where should the next block go to reinforce stability? Are there weak spots to be avoided? Simple to play but challenging to master, this exciting game can be taken on independently, collaboratively, or even as a friendly competition against one another!

Excellent for:
• Eye-hand coordination
• Focus and concentration
• Weight distribution approximation
• Logical and strategic thinking
• Spatial intelligence
• Social integration

Comes with 45 wooden pieces that stacks up to a starting height comprising of 15 levels. Easily understood, played and enjoyed by the whole family!