Sprint! Labyrinth Wooden Balance Board


SKU: GI-PA65 Challenge and Fun Inc

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Don't lose your marbles! The new Sprint! Wooden Balance Board is just as fun and challenging as our original Labyrinth Wooden Balance Board, but this one has in-line marbles stay in place and will never get lost.

Kids focus on moving the three enclosed balls along the grooved maze of the labyrinth. They will be so focused and engaged that they won't be aware of the balance, coordination, and strength they are developing!

With multiple levels of difficulty, the easiest game is to focus on one marble and move it from the center of the labyrinth to the outside ring. 

Mastered that? Try focusing on two balls; and then all three.

Think you're a pro? Now try moving up to three balls from the outside in. Race against the clock, or time yourself against other players for the ultimate challenge!

Strong and sturdy, this high quality balance board is made in the USA and built to last a lifetime. Includes instructions with different game ideas.