Holztiger Wooden Toy – Farmer – Female


SKU: GI-PA56 Holztiger

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Wooden figure "young farmer"

  • hand painted
  • easy to grip for children's hands
  • handcrafted from solid wood
  • gently rounded
  • Water-based paints
  • 2.3cm thick
  • from 3 years

Well, what belongs on a farm if not a farmer himself?

Naturally, the Holztiger farmer also belongs to her Holztiger animals. ;-)

With her green boots, it seems as if the young Holztiger farmer wants to either go into the possibly matic vegetable garden or into the stable or on the possibly muddy meadow to look after the Holztiger animals. But where exactly is she going? 

Or has the young Holztiger farmer already finished her work, has even cleaned the boots again and now wants to go back into the house? Or is she waiting for any holiday guests?

Material: solid wood *
all Holztiger items are made from solid maple and beech wood

Color:water-based, yellow, orange, green, light blue, brown

Size : approx. 4.9 x 2.3 x 15 cm cm

handmade in Germany