Goki Wooden Hammer ball track


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A large wooden track for colored balls is a real attraction. Mainly because of the unlimited hitting with a hammer!

The child lays the ball on top and punches it with a hammer through the hole. The ball then drops to a lower level and must be punctured again with a hammer so that it goes lower. But you can also arrange the balls on any level. Unlike similar products, the balls do not fall by themselves, they only need to be pierced on each level. The balls do not fall off thanks to the special plastic tabs in each hole.

The toy is made of wood with colorful elements. 

The set includes:

  • track for balls
  • three colored balls: yellow, blue and red
  • wooden hammer

What additionally distinguishes this toy is the fact that the structure is connected with strings. This makes the whole thing stable on the one hand, but it can also be crushed.

Age: 1+

Dimensions: 22.5 x 19cm