Goki Wooden Fruit and vegetables in basket


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A basket of fresh fruits and vegetables is the perfect set to play at the store. In combination with other sets, you will be able to create a place full of fun.

In the basket you will find 23 pieces of vegetables and fruits made of wood, which will ensure their durability and the possibility of repeated use. Some pieces of vegetables have leaves made of textile material, which make them even more reminiscent of real food.

The set includes, for example: pineapple, apple, banana, pepper, radish, tomato, cucumber, corn, carrot, parsley.
The toy works with the child's imagination.

The unit is placed in a practical wicker basket, from which you can conveniently take out the products.

The high quality of the product is guaranteed by the German brand GOKI.

Basket dimensions: 20 x 6.5 cm
Age: 3+
Meets EU safety standards.

AGE CHILD: from 3 years
Colors toys:
  • different color