Forest Fairy Wrist Streamers Set of two by Sarah's Silks


Sarah's Silks

Only 5 left!

Wrist Streamers come as a pair of 2 and encourage children to play actively, increase their quality of movement, and make them want to dance! Some pretend play ideas include waving in the wind, soaring through the air, dancing, and so much more.

Our Mini Forest Fairy Playsilk is our newest addition to our collection of Illustrated Mini Playsilks, designed for us by Michelle Mackay @danceypantsdisco!

These have a watercolor background of autumnal forest colors, with fairies exploring and collecting fallen leaves, acorns, and mushrooms.

Featuring a pair of our new Mini Forest Fairy Playsilks tied onto brown wrist scrunchies. The Mini Playsilks are 21" x 21" squares.