Goki Chef Attire


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Apron - a cook set with a wooden spoon - a must-have for every Little Chef.

The cooking set includes an apron and a cap in white, decorated with cute, red stripes. The colors of the set make it suitable for both boys and girls. The set also includes a wooden spoon , thanks to which the child will feel like a real chef.

Learning to cook and baking cookies with the cookware set is not only great fun , but also a great form of learning and developing dexterity. And all this while maintaining cleanliness and hygiene during work! The set can also be used to play with kinetic sand or other masses that may get dirty.

Goki creatively encourages children to play. By producing his toys, he not only cares about their safety , but also their proper development . Thanks to this, children acquire knowledge in various areas of life in an original way , having fun at the same time.