Balancing moon, Goki basic


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Suitable for ages 4 years and upwards, your little one will love learning fine motor skills using this balancing moon game. They’ll need a steady hand to stack all 18 blocks on the moon without any falling off.

Measuring approximately 14 x 7cm this is perfect for around the house but also to take with you when you’re off out.

  • Age recommendation - Suitable for 4 years+

  • Material - Natural wood, non-toxic water-based paints

  • Size - Approx 14.2cm x 6.8cm

  • Weight - 0.29kg

Goki wooden toys were founded 30 years ago and aim to bring ethical affordable toys to little hands. Goki originates from the same German company that makes Holztiger. Goki specialise in traditional toys which spark the imagination and creativity of children, as well as developing fine-motor skills and when it comes to quality wooden toys at value pricing, Goki have nailed it. They are well made, bright and offer great play value.

Made in Germany