Toy Memories Match game by T.J. Whitneys' Traditional Toys


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This game contains 48 tiles (2 each of 24 different toy pictures) and instructions.

It is designed to encourage the development of children's vocabulary, memory and concentration.

The tiles are placed face down and the aim of the game is to turn over pairs of tiles. memorizing positions so that matching toy pairs may be collected on subsequent turns.

The 48 tiles feature beautifully watercolor painted antique toys by Victoria artist Carrie Kendall which are sure to be favorites of today's children, parents and grandparents.

24 2” carded squares make up this classic matching game.

Box size: 10 1/4” x 9” x 2”

Recommended for Ages 4+

2005 award winner – Creative Child Magazine

By: T.J. Whitneys' Traditional Toys Victoria