Wobble Boards, why are they important

Wobble Boards, why are they important

Jul 25, '21

Have you heard of the balance boards or wobble boards? Have you considered getting one for your child? It all comes back to the vestibular system. Never heard of it? The Vestibular System relates to the inner ear, and how the body analyses balance and movement. Some kids are extremely sensitive to Vestibular input and are fearful of certain movement. Other kids crave it and do all sorts of acrobatics to get the input they desire.

Balance Boards help kids to get positive Vestibular input while feeling secure in their immediate environment.

A balance board is a relatively safe way to help a child get used to Vestibular input. All that your child really needs to do is to stand on it. Then, they will shift their body weight and respond appropriately to the changing stimuli.

If your child is nervous at first, you can try distracting them with a favorite toy or some jumpy music. Also, you can try handing them things from different sides of the board so that they have to shift their weight. When they get better, see how long they can balance with both sides of the board in the air.

I should warn you now though: After you get your kids to try it, they are definitely going to want to see you try it. Don’t be afraid to be a little silly about it. Your kids will love that you did.

Here are some of the balance boards we offer at Growing Instincts for your convenience.


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