Why Am I doing this?

Why Am I doing this?

Nov 13, '20

There are many companies that offer the toys with catch phrases, “natural”, “wooden”, “imaginative”, but are they good for a child’s soul?  As a mother, coming from India I didn’t know anything about Waldorf or wooden toys.  I led most of my life in the conventional society with everything around me, plastics, chemicals, synthetics etc.  When I found Waldorf, I was a mess.  Typical motherly struggles, not being able to be patient with my son; sometimes our family would yell and scream at each other. Everyone knows it’s not healthy but what’s the alternative and how do you do it.  I didn’t know and if you don’t that okay.

One of the first steps I took in healing my spirit as a mother was enrolled my son into Waldorf School at the age 18 months for parents and tots session.  One morning as I was struggling, one of the other parents said to me, “you can only give what you have” which made me left to ponder on this statement.  I learned that I didn’t have the tools to deal with life myself in some aspects, how can I offer those tools to my son when I don’t even have them myself.  This inspired my journey to grow; I discussed this with my husband hence, our “Growing Instincts” kicked in.

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