The Autumn Nature Table

The Autumn Nature Table

Sep 27, '21

A Nature table is a collection of beautiful things that signify the time of the seasons or festivities.  A nature table can as simple or sophisticated as you wish.  It signifies wisdom and magic and play. It speaks of deep reverence and ritual and rhythm. It’s an artful glimpse into the majesty of the natural world. It’s a display of respect and love for the tenderness and tenacity of nature and all things born from the continuous cycling of the seasons.

A nature table is filled with natural items that reflect the season, represent nature, or are found in the natural world. Creating a nature table is a wonderful way to invite children to engage in nature study and play-based learning at home or in the classroom.

The idea is to allow children to connect with the natural objects and the scene depicted on the nature table. This connection can foster an inner relationship with the items and rhythms found in the natural world.

An autumn nature table also makes a great learning center because it is an excellent aid for kids’ sensory play, play-based learning, science, and nature study.

Autumn is a transitional season of slowing into slumber. Fruits ripen and fall from trees. Berries are plump in the bushes. The winds of change pick up once more. Spring showers dampen the earth beneath our rain boots. It’s a time of abundance and fruition.

Ideas for the Autumn Nature Table

Deep, rich colors like maroon and brown. Pine cones, dried fruit, acorns, nuts, autumn leaves, roots, gourds, squashes, etc.

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